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19XRV with VFD


Key Features

  • Designed specially for chlorine-free refrigerant HFC-134a for high efficiency operation.
    High efficient single -stage compressor results in less moving parts and more reliable operation.
    Latest carrier super heat transfer tubes with enhanced heat transfer performance.
    ASME Class Heat exchangers – Designed to withstand pressure 3 times greater than the vessel’s relief pressure.
    Carrier patented Accumeter flow adjusting systems ensures chiller's good part load performance.
    PIC II ICVC control system with Chinese character display for simplified operation & reliable performance.
    Starting Methods : 
    • Unit Mounted / Free Standing Low voltage Wye Delta / Solid State starter available.
    • Carrier Latest Liquiflo 2 VFD with inbuilt harmonic filter available from 200 TR to 800 TR“
    Pic II ICVC control system with carrier comfort Network(CCN) for group control.