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Fan Coil Units

Carrier Dealers for Fan Coil Units Delhi NCR

Mist cold sales services Ltd is carrier chiller solution partner and is involved in turkey air conditioning projects in the country. The company is a reputed manufacturer and Carrier Dealers for Fan Coil Units in the Delhi NCR Region which are used to cool large areas. The fan coil units of the company are made with the latest techniques and cater to the need and requirement of the clients.

As one of the reputed Carrier Dealers for Fans Coil Units the company uses premium raw material and modern manufacturing processes to ensure the esteem clients are getting the best product. The products are easy to install need low maintenance and have long operational life. The quality of the product can be gauged from the fact that Carrier Company has selected mist cold as one of carrier dealers for fan coil units for the huge Delhi NCR market.

The wide and strong logistic network of the one of the Biggest Carrier Dealers for Fan Coil Units Delhi NCR ensure that every clients and retailer is able to get the product without delay within the time period mentioned by the them. The commissioning, installing and full functioning of the unit is at the site of the client is the responsibility of the Carrier Dealers for Fan Units in all part of the Delhi NCR. As one of the largest Carrier Dealers for Fan Coil Units Delhi NCR we supply fan coil units to cooling and heating water supplies in hotels, residential buildings, office buildings and other such places.



0.9 TR – 3.8 TR

42CE Fan Coil Units are the new energy saving products improved with advanced technology by Carrier. The Units have advance technology of low noise fan, air condition manufacture process and the lanced sine wave fin

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